9 December 2023

May 27

Akagi / アカギ (ba.)

Redaft (hiatus)
ex-Hisou Shounen

Blood group: A


Jin / ジン (vo.)

ex-Final aNiX, ex-angelika, ex-eqlipsE, ex-eclipse

Birthplace: reindeer's country (Canada)
Like: Coke


Kuro / 黎 (vo.)

Rides In ReVellion
ex-Black September

Blood group: B
Like: throat coat
Hobbies: travelling

Reita / れいた (ba.)

the GazettE
ex-Kar+te=zyAnose (Mio), ex-L’ie:Chris!, ex-Ma’die Kusse, ex-KARASU-鴉

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Kanagawa prefecture
Owns the brand "SNAKED LOWS"


Takuma / たくま (ba.)


Blood group: B
Birthplace: Kyoto


Teru (kb.)

ex-Blu-BiLLioN, ex-ARMERIA

Blood group: O 


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