4 December 2023

March 31

Matsuri / 祭 (gt.)

Sick² / Kansen²
ex-DEVI+TEC, ex-Azanai (Sai), ex-Fuuga, ex-De’sperate Eve

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Nagano
Like: Adidas
Cigarettes: Marlboro menthol ultra lights

Naru (dr.)


Blood group: B
Birthplace: Fukuoka prefecture

Takuma / タクマ (vo.)

ex-GAM!, ex-Noisy Panic

Like: Kamen rider, going to the toilet after waiting,  drinking carbonated water after being very very tired

Toshiya (ba.)

ex-D+L (gt.), ex-MONALIZA, ex-GOSICK

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Nagano prefecture
Owns the brand DIRT
ex-roadie of Pierrot

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