9 December 2023

March 05

Api / あぴ (dr.)


Blood group: A
Like: Cinnamoroll, Adventure time, body piercings, cute things
Cigarettes: hi-lite

Hitsugi / 柩 (gt./vo.)

NIGHTMARE (gt.), Gremlins (gt./vo.)

Blood group: AB
Birthplace: Miyagi prefecture
Year of birth: 1982

Mizunatsuki Takuto / 水奈月タクト (dr.)


Blood group: B 

Ritsu (dr.)

ex-NICOLAS, ex-Gossip, ex-VARYL (Shikito), ex-VeiL

Blood group: O
ex-roadie of DIAURA


Yata / 八咫 (dr.)


Blood group: A

Tamon / 堕門 (dr.)

ex-Arlequin, ex-Allegretto (sup.), ex-JILLS BLUE ROSES (sup.), ex-Levia, ex-Vell;ze (sup.), ex-Garo! (sup.), ex- ArecsiA (sup.), ex-Velllapis (Tamo)

Blood group: A 
Cigarettes: Seven Stars Menthol 12 

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