13 July 2024

March 04

Alicegawa Rui / 有栖川 塁 (vo.)

Alicegawa Rui (solo)
ex-Mikansei Alice, ex-Misaruka (Rui), ex-project-Merrow-, ex-La neige

Blood group: A
Was called Lyubi when Mikansei Alice formed


Ohguy / 凰凱 (dr.)

ex-Kagekui (Tamaki), ex-UNFATE, ex-Chiodo

Blood group: A 

S1TK (dr.)

ex-LACK-CO. (Higiri), ex-Re:MY BACTERIA HEAT ISLAND (sup.), ex-Anemone (sup.), ex-Black Gene for the Next Scene (sup.), ex-CELL (sup.), ex-Gouhou Loli☆Punk Dreaming Disco (sup.), ex-TRUST, ex-RED◆STRING

Blood group: O 

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