30 November 2022

Codomo Dragon – 12th anniversary one-man tour and new look

Codomo Dragon has released a new look for its one-man tour given for its 12th anniversary!

Codomo Dragon a publié un nouveau look pour sa tournée one-man donnée à l'occasion de son 12ème anniversaire !

12th anniversary ONEMAN TOUR "暴徒祝我會Ⅱ"

2022.10.30 – Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
2022.11.03 – Umeda TRAD (Osaka)
2022.11.05 – Nagoya SPADE BOX
2022.11.12 – Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX
2022.11.16 – Shinjuku BLAZE (Tokyo)

Hayato (vo.)

Yume (gt.)

meN-meN (ba.)

Chamu (dr.)


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