29 January 2023

Dammitland – New digital album “Ekoda no tanaka” and preview

Dammitland will release their first album "江古田の田中" (Ekoda no tanaka) on January 28th, 2023 on download and streaming platforms. It will contain 9 songs, whose some excerpts have been shared:

Dammitland sortira son premier album "江古田の田中" (Ekoda no tanaka) le 28 janvier 2023 sur les plateformes de téléchargement et de streaming. Il contiendra 9 chansons dont voici des extraits :

"江古田の田中" (Ekoda no tanaka)

01. Seijanokoushin
02. 猫 (Neko)
03. やってんの?(Yatten no?)
04. メランコリア (Melancholia)
05. ラガーとブンスタ (Lager to bunsuta)
06. そうだ宇宙、行こう (Sou da uchuu, ikou)
07. あかいろ (Akairo)
08. さらば赤羽 (Saraba akabane)
09. リバーシブル (Reversible)
10. 江古 (Ekoda)


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