30 November 2022

Develop One’s Faculties – New look and MV “NPC”

Develop One's Faculties dropped a new music video for "NPC", a song to be featured on the bands upcoming 2nd mini-album "C17H19NO3". The mini-album will be released on May 11th, 2022. Additionally, new artist photos for the bands upcoming activities were also revealed. 

Develop One's Faculties amis en ligne le clip de "NPC", un chanson qui sera contenue sur le 2ème mini album du groupe "C17H19NO3". Ce dernier sortira le 11 mai 2022. De plus, de nouvelles photos d'artistes pour les futures activités du groupe ont été révélées.

yuya (vo. & gt.)

Rui (gt.)

Hiromu (ba.)

Johannes (dr.)

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