22 June 2024


Formation: September 2020
Official debut: March 24th, 2021 (details)

Label: independent (2020-now) 

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Yuhi / 優燈 (vo.)

ex-DIVEIN, ex-Hikentai:Δ-delta- (Yuh), ex-crossbring

Birthday: April 3rd
Blood group: O 


Kento / 健登 (gt.)


Birthday: August 25th


Kiriha / 霧葉 (ba.)


Birthday: April 17th 

Masu / ます (dr.)

EYENêS, LENA, Kuroi Kyuushoku Touban (sup.)
ex-DOT ZIPANG ROMANTICA, ex-CHOCOLATE HOLIC (sup.), ex-PUMPKIN STORE (sup.), ex-Roqudama Carta, ex-Kowaremono, ex-GRETEL, ex-RAINMAN (sup.), ex-Sawayaka ALLERGIE

Birthday: July 20th


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