25 June 2024

Fukuro (梟)

Formation: September 6th, 2021
Official debut: October 22nd, 2021

Label: Independent

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Yoshiatsu/よしあつ (vo.)

ex-DADAROMA (vo.), ex-Crazy Shampoo (vo.), ex-Since1889 (gt.), ex-Puttuchivisu

Birthday: May 20th, 1988
Blood group
: A
Birthplace: Tokyo prefecture





Daisuke (piano)


Birthday: November 24th


Yutara / ゆたら (ba.)

Fukuro, MonstlloW
ex-FIXER (sup.), ex-Masqued Liar, ex-Zillapark, ex-THE OVER6 LP., ex-Shiring Club

Birthday: January 6th
Blood group: O


Lotto (dr.)

Fukuro, Amamitsutsuki
ex-Gurowa gurowa, ex-Sioux, ex-Thomas

Birthday: October 3rd

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