27 May 2024

Gravity (グラビティ)

Formation: August 2017
Official debut: September 24th, 2017

Lineup changes:

  • changed their name from Gravity to Gravity ↗↗tanoshisa♪FULLVOLTAAAGE!!! in November 2018
  • changed their name from Gravity ↗↗tanoshisa♪FULLVOLTAAAGE!!! to Gravity in September 2022

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Roku / 六 (vo.)


Birthday: October 17th
Blood group: O
Like: cooking
ex-roadie of LiME (Kizu)

Myu (gt.)


Birthday: November 23rd
Blood group: O 
Like: Vivienne, NIKE, Monster

An / 杏 (gt.)


Birthday: April 10th
Blood group: O 
Like: women, money, alcohol

Rikuto/リクト (ba.)


Birthday: September 16th
Blood group: AB 
Like: battery charger

Shacho / 社長 (dr.)


Birthday: February 22nd
Like: courtesy call

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