2 June 2023

mama. – Nouveau single et nouveau look // New single and new look

mama. a annoncé la sortie d'un 2ème single intitulé "哀々傘" (Aiai gasa) pour le 15 Janvier. Il coûtera ¥ 2 200 et contiendra 3 chansons :

mama. announced the release of a 2nd single called "哀々傘" (Aiai gasa) on January 15th. It’ll cost ¥ 2 200 and contain 3 songs:

01. 哀々傘 (Aiai gasa)
02. 猥褻センチメンタル (Waisetsu sentimental)
03. 月が綺麗ですね。(Tsuki ga kirei desu ne)

Court film sur "Aiai gasa" + making of
"Aiai gasa" short film + making of

Et pour l'occasion, le groupe a un nouveau look !

And on this occasion, the band has a new look!

Mei (vo.)


Kagome (gt.)


Shiyu (gt.)


Mana (ba.)


Api (dr.)


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