11 December 2023

Marcadol (マルカドル)

Formation: January 12th, 2019
Official debut: February 9th, 2019
Pause: November 17th, 2020 (details)

Label: independent

Lineup changes:

  • departure of the bassist ICHI (November 25th, 2019)
  • departure of the guitarist Yaya (November 15th, 2020) (details)

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Yuito / 唯人 (vo.)

ex-Miss Rainy, ex-Honey drop

Birthday: December 2nd
Blood group: A 

Asa / 阿紗 (gt.)

Marcadol, RAYMEI

Birthday: October 2nd
Blood group: O 



Ichi (ba.)

ex-Marcadol, ex-De:Vi6 (sup. gt.), ex-VII-II AUME (sup. ba.), ex-REIL (ba.) 

Yaya / 夜々 (gt.)


Birthday: February 25th
Blood group: AB

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