5 October 2022

Mathilda (マチルダ)

Formation: March 28th, 2018 (details)
Official debut: May 2nd, 2018 (details)

Label: Fukazume Gekitsuu Records (sub-label of Shimizuya records) (2019-now)

Lineup changes:

  • departure of the guitarist Asahina Sora (September 15th, 2018) (details)

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Qu / 喰 (vo.)

ex-DEVIZE )Al fion), ex-Lydiac (Mikado), ex-Shadow

Birthday: November 3rd
Favourite food: red food
Disliked food: black food
Comment: Give me food

Ichigo Jam / 一檎   ジャム (gt.)

ex-Ramiel (Nozomi), ex-Luccica

Birthday: February 8th
Blood group: A
Favourite food: gummy
Disliked food: raw vegetables
Comment: If I put something on my bread? Strawberry (=ichigo) jam!

ヰ瞑うに / Uni (gt.)

ex-ALCYON (Kuu)

Birthday: January 11th
Birthplace: Nagoya

Shigure Tamaki /   時雨 環 (ba.)

ex-Ramiel (Tsukasa), ex-DOAK (Iori), ex-ORGE

Birthday: October 16th
Blood group: O
Favourite food: crab, sushi, tempura, soba
Disliked food: bitter food
Comment: what am I living for? Flying?

Yoneda Mai / 米田 米 (dr.)

ex-DEVIZE (Tomoe), ex-Reirei (Reito, ba., ex-AvelCain (Sou), ex-ArcGarden

Birthday: February 12th
Blood group: A
Birthplace: Gifu prefecture
Favourite food: rice
Disliked food: carrot
Comment: Good morning for breakfast, hello for lunch, good evening for dinner, let's enjoy our meal together.

  • Asahina Sora / 朝比奈 ソラ (gt.): ex-Mathilda, ex-Ribelio (Naru), ex-f.k.a. touma  
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