25 June 2024

MUCC – Live-limited single “99” and new look

MUCC will release a live-limited single titled "99" which will be sold during the band's "MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR 「Timeless」〜志恩・球体" starting June 9th, 2023. Here are the contents, as well as the band's new visual:

MUCC sortira un single limité aux concerts intitulé "99" et qui sera vendu lors de la tournée du groupe "MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR 「Timeless」〜志恩・球体" à partir du 9 juin 2023. En voici le contenu, ainsi que le nouveau visuel du groupe :

Live limited single "99"
¥2 500

1. 99
2. 99 (instr.)
MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR 「Timeless」~鵬翼・極彩~ -Official Bootleg-(2023.04.16 Mito Lighthouse)
01. 図南の鵬翼 (Tonan no houyoku)
02. 輝く世界 (Kagayaku sekai)
03. サル (Saru)
04. 遮断 (Shadan)
05. 赤線 (Akasen)
06. 最終列車 (Saishuu ressha)
07. 昔子供だった人達へ (Mukashi kodomo datta hitotachi e)
08. 鳶 (Tonbi)
09. 語り部の詩 (Kataribe no uta)
10. 雨のオーケストラ (Ame no orchestra)
11. こもれび (Komorebi)
12. 謡声 (Utagoe)
13. モンスター (Monster)
14. ココロノナイマチ (Kokoro no nai machi)

Tatsuro (vo.)

Miya (gt.)

Yukke (ba.)


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