17 August 2022

NIGHTMARE – New single “Sinners”, MV spot, nationwide tour and new look

NIGHTMARE will release a new single, "Sinners", on November 17th. The title track will be the opening theme of the TV anime "Duel Masters King!". It'll come in 3 editions:

NIGHTMARE sortira un nouveau single, "Sinners", le 17 Novembre. La chanson titre sera l'opening de l'anime "Duel Masters King!". Il se déclinera en 3 éditions :

TYPE A - ¥ 1 980

1. Sinners
2. ruler
"Sinners" MV 
Clip de "Sinners"

TYPE B - ¥ 1 650

1. Sinners
2. ruler
3. Chronophobia

ANIME TYPE - ¥ 1 100

1. Sinners
Bonus Track. Sinners (Duel Masters King! opening version)

Here is a preview of "Sinners" MV:

Voici un extrait du clip de "Sinners" :

To promote it, the band will hold  a one-man tour called “Sweet Sinners”:

Pour en assurer la promotion, le groupe se lancera dans une tournée one-man intitulée “Sweet Sinners” :

2021.11.22 – KT Zepp Yokohama
2021.11.24 – Zepp Sapporo
2021.11.29 – Zepp Nagoya
2021.12.04 – SENDAI GIGS
2021.12.11 – Zepp Osaka Bayside
2021.12.12 – Zepp Fukuoka
2021.12.26 – LINE CUBE SHIBUYA (Tokyo)

And here is their new look:

Voici leur nouveau look :

Yomi (vo.)

Hitsugi (gt.)

Sakito (gt.)

Ni~ya (ba.)

Ruka (dr.)


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