14 April 2024

Rides In ReVellion – New album “Pray”

Rides In ReVellion will release a new album titled "Pray" on November 21st. It'll be available at their concerts and on their online store for ¥ 2 500 .

Rides In ReVellion sortira un nouvel album intitulé "Pray" le 21 Novembre. Il sera disponible à leurs concerts et sur leur boutique en ligne pour ¥ 2 500 .

2. Pray
3. 警告 (Keikoku)
4. 21g
5. 影踏み (Kagefumi)
6. -反抗声明- (Hankou seimei)
7. 朝焼けを待つ (Asayake wo matsu)

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