9 December 2023

Shunka – New band (+ single “Flower to bloom in summer”)

Shunka (蕣花) is a new visual kei band that has formed on October 10th, 2021. Here is their lineup:

Shunka (蕣花) est un nouveau groupe de visual kei qui s'est formé le 10 Octobre 2021. Voici leur formation :

Vo. : Hinata / 小林暖空 (ex-Koi no yamai) 
Gt. : YouGo / ゆーご (ex-Koi no yamai)  
Gt. : Hiroyuki / ヒロユキ  
Ba. : Sato (ex-Koi no yamai) 


They will release a first digital single titled "Flower to bloom in summer" on November 5th. Here is a preview of the song!

Ils sortiront un premier single digital intitulé "Flower to bloom in summer" le 5  Novembre. Voici un extrait de la chanson !

And here is their first look:

Et voici leur premier look :

Hinata (vo.)

YouGo (gt.)

Hiroyuki (gt.)

Sato (ba.)

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