26 November 2022

Suuuicide note

Formation: December 3rd, 2020 (details

Label: independent (2020-now) 

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Ai (vo.)

Suuuicide note
ex-TEARCiTY, ex-VAN9ISH, ex-Zenmenkoufukuron, ex-Berry, ex-ZERθGATE , ex-VeiL- (Eye), ex-Virgin, ex-Sekai seifuku

Birthday: March 1st
Blood group: A 


Shitsu / 嫉 (sup. gt.)


Suuuicide note
ex-Shinotsuku Ame, ex-Fi’Ance., ex-RiNG , ex-Kakumei kyoudan☆sekai『seifuku』, ex-IINE!, ex-EDWIN

Birthday: July 13th


Masaki (sup. gt.)


Suuuicide note
ex-the Dice (Hibiki), ex-Berry (Hibiki), ex-Exdrasill (Masaki)

Birthday: November 14th
Blood group: A 


Tsubasa / 翼 (sup. ba.)


Suuuicide note
ex-DIMLIM, ex-Airish (Haiji)

Birthday: May 22nd
Blood group: O


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