24 July 2024

TOKYO HANAYOME – 2nd digital single “Mariage”, MV and new look

TOKYO HANAYOME announced the release of their 2nd digital single! It's titled "マリアージュ" (Mariage, “wedding” in French) and will be available on download and streaming platforms from July 19th.

In addition, the ban also scheduled the release of three singles over three consecutive months.

TOKYO HANAYOME a annoncé la sortie de son 2ème single digital ! Il s’intitule “マリアージュ” (Mariage) et sera disponible sur les sites de téléchargement et de streaming dès le 19 juillet.

De plus, le groupe a également prévu la sortie de trois singles sur trois mois consécutifs.

マリアージュ (Mariage)

01. マリアージュ (Mariage)

"Mariage" MV

脳内感染オーバードーズ (Nounai kansen overdose)

カミサマサマ (Kamisama sama)

秘 密 (Himitsu)

 Kamui (vo.)

Haruya (gt.)

Ri (gt.)

MiO (ba.)

Killa (dr.)


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