29 January 2023


Official debut: March 14th, 2010

Label: Starwave records (2011-2013), DANGER CRUE (2015-2017)

Lineup changes:

  • departure of the guitarist Hiro & drummer Shu (June 18th, 2011)
  • new guitarist Shu (October 30th, 2011)
  • new drummer Sho (August 24th, 2012)

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Yui / 唯 (vo./gt.)

Umbrella, LOKI
ex-Nazis (gt.)

Birthday: February 19th
Blood group: B
Perfume: Chloe Eau de parfum


Shu / 柊 (gt.)


Birthday: July 26th
Blood group: B 
Cigarettes: Davidoff Classic

Hal / 春 (ba.)


Birthday: April 30th
Blood group: B
Birthplace: Kobe

Sho / 将 (dr.)

ex-Order in Disorder (sup.), ex-benizemi (sup.), ex-LIX., ex-Wednesday

Birthday: February 23rd
Blood group: O
Birthplace: Osaka
Cigarettes: che shag Red


Hiro / 尋 (gt.)

ex-Shellscript, ex-Umbrella

Shu / 秀 (dr.)

ex-shellscript, ex-Umbrella, ex-Loki

Birthday: November 26th
Blood group: B 

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