26 November 2022

XANVALA – Details of their live DVD “XANVALA ONEMAN TOUR 2022「ASK」TOUR FINAL at SHINJUKU BLAZE” and digest

XANVALA has decided to release the final of its "ASK" tour which took place on August 27th at Shinjuku BLAZE (Tokyo) on live DVD. It will be released on December 26th for ¥6,600. The band has uploaded some excerpts from the DVD as well as the complete performance of the song "Hidarimimi no akuma".

XANVALA a décidé de sortir le final de sa tournée "ASK" qui a eu lieu le 27 août au Shinjuku BLAZE (Tokyo) en DVD live. Il sortira le 26 décembre pour ¥ 6 600. Le groupe a mis en ligne des extraits du DVD ainsi que la performance complète de la chanson "Hidarimimi no akuma".

—DVD 1—
01. 独善 (Dokuzen)
02. デスパレート (Desperate)
03. Bamby
04. ratchet
05. joke
06. 左耳の悪魔 (Hidarimimi no akuma)
07. モナ・リザ (Mona Lisa)
08. ヒトリ舞台 (Hitori butai)
09. ジャノメ (Janome)
10. ケ・セラ・セラ (Que sera sera)
11. ゆらゆら (Yurayura)
12. Dearest
13. アーティスト (Artist)
14. キネマ (Kinema)
16. 聖戰 (Seisen)
—DVD 2—
18. DAYS
19. 鮮やかな猛毒 (Azayakana moudoku)
20. 誰が為の幸福論 (Dare ga tame no koufukuron)
22. 悪辣が君を襲う ( Akuratsu ga kimi wo osou)

DVD preview

"Hidarimimi no akuma"

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