14 April 2024

0.1g no gosan (0.1gの誤算)

Formation: December, 2015
Official debut: March 24th, 2016

Lineup changes:

  • pause of the bassist Daisuke due to a collapsed lung (May 13th, 2017) (details)
  • comeback of the bassist Daisuke (May 28th, 2017) (details)

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You Midorikawa / 緑川裕宇 (vo.)

0.1g no gosan
ex-LucaRia, ex-Mustema†Dorcheme

Birthday: September 2nd, 1987
Blood group: AB 
Something you regretted buying: sweets with takoyaki flavor
A word for the fans: "I hate these small platforms"
Elder brother of Taku (ex-Pentagon)

Tomoyuki Kawamaru / 河村友雪 (gt.)

0.1g no gosan
ex-Z., ex-A, ex-RESULT (sup.), ex-BLEST (sup.)

Birthday: August 2nd
Blood group: AB
Height: 176 cm
Hobbies: Pokemon
Favorite brand: Justin Davis
Something you regretted buying: a birthday present for my ex-girlfriend
A word for the fans: "Take care of bandmen (including me?)"

Mari Mizuta / 水田魔梨 (gt.)

0.1g no gosan
ex-FOODED SEAL (Kaoru), ex-it (sup.), ex-『Space』, ex-GEEK

Birthday: December 30th
Blood group: A
Something you regretted buying: a vase I've been cheated out of

 Daisuke Masaki / 眞崎大輔 (ba.)

0.1g no gosan
ex-Ecthelion (LiO), ex-Fuuinsareshi Exodia, ex-Next Addiction, ex-ALIST GRACE

Birthday: February 2nd
Blood group: A 
Something you regretted buying: a tamagotchi



Iria Kanzaki / 神崎流空 (dr.)

ex-0.1g no gosan, ex-Ecthelion (Lyvia), ex-HiMeDOKI (sup.), ex-Z-Force, ex-FENRIL, ex-V-last (sup.), ex-NeXuS

Birthday: February 9th
Blood group: B 

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