4 December 2023

July 06

Kagari / 輝璃 (gt.)


Year of birth: 1999

Lana / ラナ (dr.)

ex-Smileberry (sup.), ex-IGGY (sup.), KING (sup.), ex-Gokusai G12 (sup.), ex-HEIHOO (sup.), ex-A&D, ex-Jubily

Blood group: B

Mii (gt.)

ex-ZON, ex-Jackman, ex-Dhalis (Mike)

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Toyama prefecture

Sia (vo.)

ex-IMY, ex-MISERIA (Eito)

Blood group: O 

Taiga (vo.)

ex-BABY I LOVE YOU (IDEA), ex-forCroiX, ex-VesuVio

Blood group: B 

ViVi (vo.)

ex-MIMIC, ex-Visper, ex-Labbit×Loud柄

Blood group: O 
Like: High brand fashion, rabbit ears, erotic
Cigarettes: doesn't smoke

Yukito / 雪兎 (ba.)

MAD Night

Blood group: A

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