9 December 2023

June 17

ALu / アル (gt.)


Blood group: O
Like: Games, accessories

 Haku / 魄 (dr.)


Blood group: B
Like: Cars, games, black coffee
Dislike: Natto, chocolate, shiokara
Cigarettes: seven stars

LAYHA (ba.)

ex-SCAPEGOAT, ex-Sister

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Yokohama
Height: 180 cm
Weight: around 60kg
Cigarettes: Mevius light
Perfume: Jennifer Lopez still, MCM black silver
Like: Paul Smith, No ID, Abahouse, Hare, United arrows, Tomorrowland, Chrome Hearts, Royal order

Ookuma Kunio / 大熊邦夫 (dr.)

ex-Yoru (sup.), ex-REDMAN, ex-THE HEROES SYNDICATE, ex-My Hearts Breaking Even, ex-Ruvie, ex-Lover Berry

was roadie of BAROQUE

Ritsu / 律 (gt.)

ex-Smileberry, ex-LucaRia, ex-Anride (sup.), ex-GEARE (sup.), ex-Cherry (sup.), ex-REPLICA, ex-yukilein (sup.), ex-Rose valley

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Saitama
Like: cats, cafe latte, Under armour, Armani

Yuragi / 月花ゆらぎ (gt.)

ex-DE/CLIO, ex-Gekidan V, ex-V.A.Project, ex-REIRA (Tsukihana Sora), ex-Kazoku (Sora), ex-TRAVEL (Sora), ET CETERA (sup.)

Blood group: O 
Special skills: fortune-telling, making accessories
Hobby: animals
Color: light blue

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