9 December 2023

December 19

Aru / 或 (dr.)

ex-VIRGE, ex-MALISEND (Aru), ex-Think U Sorrow (Rou), ex-[es]

Blood group: A 

Ema / エマ (ba.)

ex-DAYDALA (Gin)

Halhi (dr.)

Ainne Feria
ex-Tokinokito, ex-Kharin A.K., ex-EATER

Blood group: O


Mel (dr.)

GRIMOIRE (hiatus)
ex-buccal cone (sup.), ex-Marble head (sup.), ex-Vanish (Rem), ex-Diement. (Remu)

Blood group: A
Nickname in the band: Usagi (Rabbit)


TaJI (gt.)

Rides In ReVellion
ex-Black September

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Osaka
Like: movies
Hobbies: batting center


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