6 December 2023

Gyu!!!! (ぎゅう!!!!)

Formation: August 2022
Official debut: November 8th, 2022 (details)

Label: Independent (2022-now) 


Mira / 未羅 (vo.)

ex-UNDEUX, ex-Mummy, ex-Xian (Hyuga)

Birthday: July 19th
Blood group: O
Like: Justin Davis , Chanel, Kinglymask, Nike
He used to be LIRAIZO's roadie


Take / 武 (gt.)

ex-Karasu (sup.), ex-Kagekui, ex-ex-VΩID

Birthday: April 25th
Blood group: A
He used to be DADAROMA's roadie

You / 悠 (gt.)

ex-Aiolin, ex-Code name -Px, ex-An:Re (sup., Yuuto)

Birthday: October  30th
Like: Vivienne Westwood, Justin Davis, Milkboy, Guess, Red Bull, ramens
Hobbies: DTM, DIY, darts
Cigarettes: iQOS smooth regular


Yuzuki / 柚希 (ba.)

Suuuicide note (sup.), ONI TO KAGE (sup.), ex-EVLIS

Birthday: March 6th 


Aru / 或 (dr.)

ex-VIRGE, ex-MALISEND (Aru), ex-Think U Sorrow (Rou), ex-[es]

Birthday: December 19th
Blood group: A 

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