25 June 2024

UNDEUX (アンドゥー)

Formation: August 23rd, 2017
Official debut: September 17th, 2017
Disbandment: January 23rd, 2022

Label: GLK music (2018-now)

Lineup changes:

  • they lose contact with their vocalist Riku (Februry 2018) (details)
  • new vocalist Mira (May 9th, 2018) (details)
  • bassist Gano paused his activities (September 30th, 2020) (details)

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Mira / ミラ (vo.)

ex-UNDEUX, ex-Mummy, ex-Xian (Hyuga)

Birthday: July 19th
Blood group: O 
Like: Justin Davis , Chanel, Kinglymask, Nike


ALu / アル (gt.)


Birthday: June 17th
Blood group: O
Like: Games, accessories

Kai / カイ (gt.)


Birthday: April 25th
Blood group: B 
Like: sneakers

Gano / ガノ (ba.)


Birthday: November 20th
Blood group: O 
Like: Jackrose, Deal design
Was called Koji until 2018.05.09

Luchat / ルシャ (dr.)

ex-UNDEUX, ex-RIZ (CeleNa), ex-NovA, ex-demitAsse, ex-Revolt

Birthday: February 18th
Blood group: O
Birthplace: Tochigi prefecture
Like: Viviene westwood, Supreme, Dr.Martens, cats, art, forest


Riku / 裏喰 (vo.)


Birthday: September 14th
Blood group: AB
Like: t-shirts, unusual socks
ex-roadie of Black Gene For the Next Scene and LACK-CO 

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