2 July 2022

VIRGE (ヴァージュ)

Formation: March 30th, 2017
Official debut: May 6th, 2017
Changed their name from ヴァージュ to VIRGE (January 1st, 2022)

Label: independent (2017-2019), Speed-disk (Feb. 2019-now)

Lineup changes:

  • new drummer Aru (August 6th, 2017)
  • departure of the bassist Shin (November 11th, 2018) (details)
  • new guitarist Hiryu & bassist Yu-ri (December 31st, 2018)
  • departure of the drummer Aru (December 6th, 2021)
  • new drummer Tatsuya (January 1st, 2022) (details)

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Ryo / 遼 (vo.)

ex-Mediena, ex-MiLLa

Birthday: February 26th
Blood group: A 

Shizuki / 紫月 (gt.)

ex-MALISEND (Shizuki) , ex-Think U Sorrow (Kuro), ex-Project「R」(Kuro)

Birthday: August 5th
Blood group: B 

Hiryu / 氷龍 (gt.)

ex-MIZTAVLA, ex-RE/V, ex-Neo, ex-Shin sekai, ex-V-Family→freesia

Birthday: October 10th
Blood group: O
Birthplace: Hyogo prefecture
ex-roadie of SCREW

Yu-ri / 憂璃 (ba.)

ex-MIZTAVLA, ex-RE/V, ex-the Dianest., ex-Envient gore

Birthday: May 18th
Blood group: A 

Tatsuya / 達也 (dr.)

ex-MIMIC (VIII), ex-Visper (Tatsuya)

Birthday: November 20th
Blood group: A 
Like: Chrome hearts, Marcelo Burlon, drinking yoghurt


Shin / 沁 (ba.)

ex-Virge, ex-MALISEND (Rino), ex-Think U Sorrow (Shinla), ex-Project「R」 

Birthday: March 6th
Blood group: A


Aru / 或 (dr.)

ex-VIRGE, ex-MALISEND (Aru), ex-Think U Sorrow (Rou), ex-[es]

Birthday: December 19th
Blood group: A 

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