11 December 2023

June 19

Makoto / 誠 (ba.)


Minagi / ミナギ (gt.)

ex-MORE, ex-Menwa Koshi ga Inochi, ex-Jeminia

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Osaka
Like: tobacco, alcohol, twilight
Perfume: Dior homme sport edt

Ryu / 流 (ba.)

ex-MORE, ex-Menwa Koshi ga Inochi, ex-REVINE

Blood group: O 
Like: games, sleeping, animals, Monster
Perfume: Givenchy

Seira / 星羅 (ba.)

ex-KAVKA, ex-Lost Valentine

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Kyushu prefecture
Now he's a Youtuber called Hyogo. His channel is called Kottungenzin and he works with Itoha (ex-KAVKA)


Takuma / たくま (ba.)

Sick² / Kansen²
ex-DEVI+TEC, ex-GravityZEЯO

Blood group: O
Birthplace: Tokyo
Like: Royal Order
Cigarettes: JPS

Valtz (gt.)

ex-ex-GALEYD (Meku), ex-Aim, ex-the Distorted my stratic Faith (Meku), ex-Chemical Pictures (Schwarz), ex-ARMERIA

Birthday: June 19th
Blood group: O

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