9 December 2023

June 25

Haku / ハク (ba.)

UNiTE, Kuro UNiTE (alter ego band)
ex-Canzel, ex-Bahha, ex-Harushion


Sakai Hiroaki / 酒井洋明 (gt.)

Breakin' holiday
ex-ZERO MIND INFINITY, ex-Yoru Crime, ex-12012, ex-KiLLa, ex-Cell*June (Acul), ex-LOUISA (Aki)

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Ehime prefecture
Height: 183 cm 

Yuu / 優 (gt.)

ex-Beauty Army, ex-Ruvie, ex-Night baLon (vo.)

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Gifu prefecture
Like: baseball, anime, alcohol
Dislike: humans
Cigarettes: Kent


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