11 December 2023

November 20

Gano / ガノ (ba.)


Blood group: O 
Like: Jackrose, Deal design
Was called Koji until 2018.05.09

GTR / Gotaro (ba.)

ex-LAGNA, ex- 4tune_UNIT, ex-DragonWAPPPPPPER (GTR, ba.), ex-Host Love (Ai, vo.)

Blood group: AB

Maki / マキ (vo.)

ex-AllS, ex-ALSDEAD, ex-DICE AND JOKER (Makki)

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Hyogo prefecture

RINO (dr.)

JILL-PRINCE (hiatus)

Blood group: O
Like: Justin Davis

Tatsuya / 達也 (dr.)

ex-MIMIC (VIII), ex-Visper (Tatsuya)

Blood group: A 
Like: Chrome hearts, Marcelo Burlon, drinking yoghurt

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