9 December 2023

October 24

Ikuma / 郁磨 (vo.)

ex-REIGN, ex-KAJIKUMA, ex-AND-Eccentric Agent–, ex-Blocken jr, ex-Blocken, ex-Giselle

Blood group: O

Takeda Kazuhiko / 竹田和彦 (ba.)

ex-S.Q.F (sup.), ex-Seven, ex-Guy’s Family, ex-MASK, ex-S to M, ex-Aioria, ex-ZAZU, ex-Laissez Faire (Kazutake), ex-Clair de Lune, ex-Noah die welt!

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Kanagawa prefecture

Takuto / 卓斗 (gt.)

ex-Bankitai, ex-MajestiC, ex-cafe shandy

Yanagi / 柳 (vo.)

ex-BLESS THIS MESS (vo.), ex-jabell, ex-König (sup., gt.), ex-Saruin (gt.)

Blood group: AB
Birthplace: Gunma prefecture 

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