29 January 2022

April 25

Chizuru / 千吊 (vo.)

ex-Pentagon, ex-Call Me, ex-Regalia (Mizuki), ex-DewmeL, ex-monodole

Blood group: A
Year of birth: 1994


Kai / カイ (gt.)


Blood group: B 
Like: sneakers

Kyouki / 狂鬼 (vo.)

The Muzzle
ex-GRIEVA, ex-RELOAD, ex-Vell;ze

Blood group: O
Like: songs, Shinto shrines, Dearest Bullet

Masaki (dr.)

ex-the Underneath, ex-TRANSTIC NERVE, ex-Alter System!

Blood group: O 

Masashi (ba.)

ex-Jupiter, ex-Kozi (sup.), ex-COSMO, ex-CODE, ex-Chocolate'S (sup.), ex-Red Carpet (Miwa Masafumi), ex-CRAZY BOOM (sup.), ex-KANZAKI (sup.), ex-Ash, ex-ALPHA, ex-Diza wa-re

Blood group: O
Birthplace: Nagoya

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