9 December 2023

Anfiel (アンフィル)

Formation: November 20th, 2014
Official debut: January 22nd, 2015

Label: independent (2014-2016), dotSIX Inc. (2016-June 2021), independent (July 2021 - now)

  • departure of the drummer Hal (July 2021) (details)

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Shogo / 翔梧 (vo.)

ex-Gomame rock, ex-Faice

Birthday: October 5th
Blood group: AB 

Yukito / 未月 (gt.)

ex-Gomame rock, ex-Resist

Birthday: October 27th
Blood group: A
Like: Bonobono, Lush, Sabon

Mizuki / 未月 (gt.)

ex-Gomame rock, ex-NovA, ex-MAVERICK, ex-Gris Neige

Birthday: September 30th
Blood group: A 


Natsume / 棗 (ba.)

ex-Gomame rock, ex-Faice (Yuna)

Birthday: November 2nd
Blood group: AB
Like: Sleeping, beauty, alcohol


Hal / ハル (dr.)

ex-Anfiel, ex-Gomame rock, ex-Resist

Birthday: July 15th
Blood group: O
Like: menma (condiment made from lactate-fermented bamboo)

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