12 mai 2021

Anfiel – New best of album « and feel »

Anfiel announced the release of a best of album, "and feel", for May 12th! It’ll cost ¥ 3 800 and contain 18 songs. It'll be on sale on their online store and at Jishuban club store only.

Anfiel a annoncé la sortie d'un album best of, "and feel", pour le 12 Mai! Au prix de ¥ 3 800, il contiendra 18 chansons. Il sera en vente sur leur boutique en ligne et au Jishuban club uniquement.

01. unfil
02. Red&Black
03. trigger
04. 暁月 (Akatsuki)
05. ラヴァ (Lava)
06. パロニリア (Paroniria)
07. Step bye step
08. Lamplight=melody
09. パラダイム・ロスト (Paradigm lost)
10. 螢の瞳 (Hotaru no hitomi)
11. 光 (Hikari)
12. 銀の贖罪 (Gin no shokuzai)
14. olympos
15. Lies or not?
16. 君でもなくて僕でもなくてじゃあ誰なんでしょう (Kimi demonakute boku demonakute jaa darena ndeshou)
17. eternally (new)
18. クオン (Kuon) (new)

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