30 March 2023

AURORIZE (オーロライズ)

Formation: July 10th, 2022 (details)
Official debut: September 10th, 2022

Label: SAINT NOIR MUSIC (2022-now, own label)

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Kanata Yumishiro / 弓代星空 (vo./gt./vln./p.)

ex-AiolinFrantic EMIRY (Adam), ex-Code name -Px, ex-An:Re, ex-AsteL

Birthday: October 23rd
Blood group: B
Like: fashion, photography, cafe, fragrance, beauty, Starbucks Reserve, Chrome hearts, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Thom Brownie, John Lawrence Sullivan


SURUGA (ba.)

ex-Aiolin, ex-Code name -Px, ex-An:Re (Rei), ex-AsteL

Birthday: March 14th
Blood group: B
Height: 172/173cm
Like: BVLGARI, Puerta del Sol, Fagassent, Dr.Martens, Modern Pirates, Energy drink


Seira (dr.)

ex-Aiolin, ex-Code name -Px, ex-AsteL

Birthday: February 20th
Blood group: A
Like: Justin Davis, Artemis Classic, CIVARIZE, TRAVAS TOKYO, Versace, LUSH, Sparkling wine


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