14 April 2024

Avilis – New EP “Kimi hitorijime yokkyuu”

Avilis will released their 2nd EP "君独リ占メ欲求" (Kimi hitorijime yokkyuu) on March 30th. Here is its tracklist:

Avilis sortira un 2ème EP "君独リ占メ欲求" (Kimi hitorijime yokkyuu) le 30 Mars. En voici la tracklist :

01. 君独リ占メ欲求 (Kimi hitorijime yokkyuu)
03. My Dear
04. 空想DRIP-依存症- (Kuusou DRIP-izonshou)
05. 被りマヂムリ。(Kaburi maji muri)

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