2 June 2023

Bue – “Haritsuku reiko” single details

Bue, a newly formed band, unveiled the tracklist of its first single "張り付く麗子"(Haritsuku reiko) that will be released on July 9th. The three songs of the single will be pre-released on streaming platforms from June 25th.

Bue, un groupe nouvellement formé, a dévoilé la tracklist de son premier single "張り付く麗子"(Haritsuku reiko) qui sortira le 9 juillet. Les trois chansons de ce single seront disponibles en avance sur les plateformes de streaming à partir du 25 juin.

"張り付く麗子"(Haritsuku reiko)

1. 張り付く麗子 (Haritsuku reiko)
2. 嘔吐、応答せよ  (Outo, outou se yo)
3. 4秒後無駄死に (4 byou go mudashini)

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