26 September 2023

DEVILOOF – New single “Newspeak” and new look

Two years after their latest release, DEVILOOF will finally release a 5th single, "Newspeak", on April 23rd. It'll be on sale on their online store for ¥ 1 200.

Deux ans après leur dernière sortie, DEVILOOF sortira enfin un 5ème single, "Newspeak", le 23 Avril. Il sera en vente sur leur boutique en ligne pour ¥ 1 200.

1. Newspeak
2. Mob Rule

To promote its release, the band will hold two one-man:

Pour en promouvoir la sortie, le groupe donnera deux one-man :

2021.05.08 – Juusan GABU (Osaka)
2021.05.15 – Shibuya CYCLONE (Tokyo)

And here is their new look!

Et voici leur nouveau look !

Keisuke (vo.)

Aisaku (gt.)

Ray (gt.)

Daiki (ba.)

Kanta (dr.)


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