24 July 2024

Kebyou – “Jikken kun 2” mini album details

Kebyou had announced the release of a mini album without giving any details about it. Here you go! It'll be called  "実験くん2" (Jikken kun 2) and will be released on April 15th! It’ll cost ¥ 2 750 and contain 6 songs:

Kebyou avait annoncé la sortie d'un mini album sans plus donner de détails. Les voici! Il s'intitulera "実験くん2" (Jikken kun 2) et sortira le 15 Avril ! Il coûtera ¥ 2 750 et contiendra 6 chansons :

01. テキ (Teki)
02. ぐるぐる (Guruguru)
03. べろべろばー (Beroberobaa)
04. かわいいキミの言いなりです (Kawaii kimi no iinari desu)
05. 地獄に落ちちゃえば (Jigoku ni ochichaeba)
06. 春光 (Shunkou)


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