22 June 2024

KNOW MEN – New guitarist, new MV “Beginner’$ luck” and new look

After the release of their three singles over three consecutive months, KNOW MEN has just announced that a new guitarist joined them on January 23rd: Musume Musume Shikipi / 娘娘しきぴ  (ex-HOLOH, ex-SHeepSLeep)   

The band dropped the video for the song "Beginner'$ luck" as well as their new promotional photos.

Après la sortie de ses trois singles sur trois mois consécutifs, KNOW MEN vient d'annoncer qu'un nouveau guitariste les les avait rejoints le 23 janvier : Musume Musume Shikipi / 娘娘しきぴ  (ex-HOLOH, ex-SHeepSLeep)

Le groupe a mis en ligne le clip de la chanson "Beginner'$ luck" ainsi que ses nouvelles photos promotionnelles.

Koki (vo.)

Kinaco (gt.)

Shikipi (gt.)

Abby (ba.)

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