3 July 2022

LAY ABOUT WORLD – “クロン -c×lone” album details and digest

LAY ABOUT WORLD finally unveiled the tracklist of their upcoming album "クロン -c×lone" to be released on May 3rd.

LAY ABOUT WORLD a finalement dévoilé la tracklist de leur album à venir, "クロン -c×lone", qui sortira le 3 Mai.

01. pit bull
02. c×lone -NEW TAKE-
03. Denotation
04. justify oneself
05. 招く (Maneku)
06. electric circus
07. feel or feal
08. カーター (Carter)
09. 3月18日 feat.yuya (Develop One's Faculties)

Here is a preview of the songs!

Voici un aperçu des chansons !

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