14 April 2024

Luvielle (ルヴィーユ)

Formation: October 2019
Official debut: November 10th, 2019

Label: Independent (2019-now) 

Lineup changes:

  • departure of the drummer Chinari (April 18th, 2021) (details)
  • new guitarist Ougi, new guitarist Shun, new drummer Saiha (August 3rd, 2021) (details)
  • departure of the drummer Saiha (December 31st, 2021) (details)
  • pause of the guitarist Ougi due to health issues (June 10th, 2022)  
  • departure of the guitarist Shun (March 26th, 2023) (details)

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Sinc / シンク (vo.)

ex-MELI-MELO (Itsuki), ex-Hiru

Birthday: September 9th
Blood group: B 
Like: collecting perfumes


Ougi / 扇 (gt.)


Birthday: August 3rd
Blood group: A
Like: MtG, Justin Davis

Youka / 曄香 (ba.)


Birthday: April 5th
Like: Anna sui, Vivienne


Chinari (dr.)


Birthday: March 24th
Blood group: A
Like: choco monaka

Saiha / 砕羽 (dr.)


Birthday: August 16th
Blood group: O
Like: Justin Davis, Moonage Devilment

Shun / 瞬 (gt.)

ex-Luvielle, ex--Wakuraba

Birthday: January 23rd
Blood group: A
Like: Starbucks

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