3 October 2022

Mama. – New MV “After pill” and new look

mama. will release three digital singles for three consecutive months. The first one, "ぼくらの病名は「人間」でした。" (Bokura no byoumei wa "ningen" deshita.), has been released on March 5th.
The second one, 
" あふたぁ ぴる" (After pill), will be out on April 19th here.

Here is its MV:

mama. sortira trois singles digitaux sur trois mois consécutifs. Le premier, "ぼくらの病名は「人間」でした。" (Bokura no byoumei wa "ningen" deshita.), est sorti le 5 Mars.
Le deuxième, " あふたぁ ぴる" (After pill), sortira le 19 Avril ici.

En voici le clip :

And here is the band's new look!

Et voici le nouveau look du groupe !

Mei (vo.)

Kagome (gt.)

Shiyu (gt.)

Mana (ba.)

Api (dr.)


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