27 May 2024

Rabyrinth (ラビリンス)

Formation: May 2020 (details)
Official debut: July 31st, 2020 (details)
Pause: May 11th, 2021

Label: independent

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Asuka (vo.)

ex-Re:Tsunagi Zero, ex-Ogyarity, ex-Tsunaga Re:ZERO (Heine), ex-Altair (Asuka), ex-Clown×Crown, ex-T@Planet

Birthday: May 21st
Blood group: B 
Like: cats, cigarettes (Mevius option yellow 1mm) and alcohol

Hotaru / ほたる (gt.)


Birthday: September 27th
Blood group: A
Like: protein


Sena / 瀬那 (gt.)

Rabyrinth, R.I.P.
ex-Re:Tsunagi Zero, ex-Ogyarity (Sena), ex-Unlimited (Miyuu), ex-Tsunaga Re:ZERO (Mei), ex-Nollcrea (Sena), ex-GROW (sup.), ex-Pastello, ex-GAUZES

Birthday: October 31st
Blood group: O
Like: apple and strawberry condensed milk, Kawaii wa seigi

Kiyu / 希悠 (ba.)


Birthday: November 8th
Blood group: B 

Ytwo (dr.)


Birthday: October 3rd
Blood group: O
Like: money, alcohol


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