1 December 2023

SARIGIA – Nouveaux singles // New singles

SARIGIA a annoncé la sortie  de deux singles pour Halloween ! Les deux seront en vente uniquement aux concerts du groupe, lors deux leurs oneman des 18 et 30 Octobre. Si vous achetez les deux singles, vous recevrez gratuitement un CD contenant la chanson "SE Room 237".

SARIGIA announced the release of two singles for Halloween! Both will be live-limited, on sale at their oneman on October 18th and October 30th. If you buy both of them, you'll get a CD for free with the song "SE Room 237".


DARK SIDE  - ¥ 1 000

1. Hell's Kitchen
2. Psychedelic Syndrome


CHAOS SIDE  - ¥ 1 000

1. UNCHAIN - 666 -
2. Lie , Lie , LIE


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