3 October 2022

October 03

KAJI (dr.)

ex-Breakin' holiday, ex-ZERO MIND INFINITY, ex-Yoru Crime, ex-REIGN, ex-KAJIKUMA, ex-AND-Eccentric Agent (sup.)

Blood group: O
Height: 181 cm
Like: Kenkoba-san, JACK ROSE, BUFFALO BOBS, Artemis Classic

Lotto (dr.)

Fukuro, Amamitsutsuki
ex-Gurowa gurowa, ex-Sioux, ex-Thomas

Nagori / 名残 (vo.)

ex-Jiga, ex-MEIDARA (Yagami), ex-Galumia (Nozomu)

Blood group: A

Tetsuya (ba./vo./gt.)

L'Arc~en~Ciel, TETSUYA (solo)
ex-Creature Creature (sup.), ex-Bystonwell, ex-PRISONER

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Shiga prefecture
Year of birth: 1969

Ytwo (dr.)


Blood group: O
Like: money, alcohol


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