29 January 2022

January 11

Atsuki / 篤輝 (dr.)

ex-Pentagon, ex-Call Me (sup.), ex-VARED (sup.)

Blood group: O 


Haru / 春 (gt.)

ex-6-sense, ex-Schwarz-welt

Birthplace: Kagawa prefecture
Used to be the shop manager of an udon restaurant


Tokai Junji / 遠海准司 (dr.)

ex-My Dragon, ex-THE PIASS (sup.)

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Iwate prefecture
Hobbies: music
Like: drums
Dislike: myself


Kuu / 喰 (gt.)


Birthplace: Nagoya


Ruchi / ルち (vo.)

ex-d-ream-man, ex-Cradle (Tanaka Hikaru, dr.)

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Kyushu
Like: umeboshi

Yuusuke / 憂佑 (gt.)

[enver] brain
ex-three flat. ex-UNVOID, ex-HOMURA

Blood group: A

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