5 October 2022

January 02

Mukuro / 紫黒 (gt.)

ex-DIERRY CALL (sup.), ex-Azero (Horse), ex-Re:KiD, ex-The Vivered


Sarshi (gt.)

HERO, Flutter Echo, Nana, Project. Revive, One on One (solo)
ex-Tokyo Monochrome Kain, ex-ETERNAL, ex-ESMERALDA

Blood group: O
Birthplace: Hyogo prefecture
Height: 180 cm
Skill: eats fast, thinks positively
Hobbies: observating cats, watching sport
Like: it's always changing
Cigarettes: Caster Mild
People he respects: Masaharu Fukuyama
Comment: I LOVE CAT!!
Pet: a munchkin cat called Marie


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