4 December 2023

July 12

Asanao / 晁直 (dr.)

ex-deathgame, ex-Sicstar!

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Aichi prefecture

Bon / ぼん。(vo.)

ex-Contrarie, ex-NoName, ex-Capella, ex-Tomoshibito

Blood group: A 
Like: songs, cats, 2D
Dislike: abusive language

Hiko / ヒコ (dr.)

ex-Bakuretsu STORM!!, ex-NORANECO, ex-Trick a Night School, ex-Theia, ex-juggler

Blood group: O

Kakeru (vo.)

Scarlet Valse (hiatus), Zeke Deux
ex-Rail Tracer, ex-KKR Project, ex-鹿鳴戦隊, ex-Baru, ex-Sephiroth

Blood group: AB

Mag (gt.)


Blood group: A

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